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Monday, 19 December 2011

HeritageHijab Giveaway

Assalamulaikum & hi ♥

**this is sticky post, scroll down for new post**

we are having our first giveaway dearies!

open to all Malaysian blogger
anda semua dijemput untuk menyertai & memeriahkan lagi giveaway ni

giveaway banner

How to join?

just follow the simple steps below:

1. You are most welcome to LIKE our  FB Fanpage here:

2. FOLLOW us & CREATE  an entry with a title "HeritageHijab First Giveaway"

3. PLACE our giveaway banner in your entry & LINK it to our blog

4. PLACE our blogshop banner at your sidebar. you can copy it from our sidebar or just copy the code here:
  <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket" /></a>

5. LEAVE your comment at this entry along with your blogger ID & link to ur entry

anda mestilah memenuhi syarat-syarat di atas ye, kalau tidak penyertaan tak dikira. tak adil pulak la bagi yg ikut syarat dengan baik kn :)


1st winner:
a gorgeous DRESS

2 lucky runner up:
our lovely SHAWL KASIH

be as creative as you can be. thank you so much for joining ♥


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Aziemah A's said...

saya join !

Alis Misnan said...

done :) hope u like it.

AyuInsYiraH said...

ayu join yer...

AyuInsYiraH said...

ayu dah baiki...heheh maaf ye tadi tak perasan..hehehe

nurul amirah said...


Pink Lavender said...

join this GA

id: pinkNlavender

HaNa eLm0 said...

join ea !!

nurmujahidah said...

muja dah join,, tapi muja nak tau tarikh tutup ga ni :D

Heritage Hijab said...

AyuInsYiraH : okay, thanks dear :)

nurmujahidah : ada stated kt banner GA. 20/12/11-20/1/12 ;)

Cik RendaNg Yg x REnDANg said...

done join...

nur syafiqah said...

kite join :)

shera said...

saya join ya !

Syukrina said...

join oke , hope menang :)

Pink Lavender said...

done join this ga

Nurul Najihah said...

i m join it . like (Y)

Ain_ Suke Senyum said...

Dear pemenang berdasarkan ape ? bile tarikh tamat ye ?

Kekosong said...


Ain_ Suke Senyum said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Intan Nabilah Zaini said...

Woah ! Nak join juga !

♥♫♥ZaiKuLiM♥♫♥ said...


id fb:zaikulim

AnaLyana said...

Saya join..:)

ID : Ana Lyana

cikpuanhady said...

nak tny, ga ni based on entry ke lucky draw? kalau sudi, reply kat my blog yer..thanks..

Tulun saya boleh? :Klik & LIKE kat sini..Thanks!

nad said...

Nad join :)

blogger ID : Nad

Celine said...

join :)

ID FB: Celine Liaw

kis said...



Qard91 said...

Qard join

id :qardhawi awie

aca Hamzah said...

saya na join ^^ fuyoo macam best je ..

blogger ID :aca hamzah

taufidris said...

id :taufidris

mas said...


izan cute said...


ayuselalu said...


azelyusoff said...


id FB Norazlini Yusoff

Anonymous said...

tiera join..

abazilah said...

join .

id : abazilah

juniza said...


join jugak


Nur Syahida said...

syeeda join

id follower/fb: Nur Syahida

Joel Leslie said...

hey there! I'm joining :D

ID: Joel Leslie

hope to win the 1st prize for my sister. hihihi ;) thankss!

Hidayatul Putra said...

yeayy.. Saya join! :D

id : Hidayatul Putra

ezzamalik said...

ezza dah join (:

id fb;ezza malik

nanakimie said...


blogger id : nanakimie

amal said...

joined !

id : amal

afini suhaimi said...

join :D

ID BLOGGER : afini suhaimi

nina_adana said...

nina join yer??
saje cube nasib..
insyaAllah klu ade rezeki nina.. dapatlah.. aminnn =)

Che Azza Utsukushii said...

Azza join, .

Id : Azza UtsuKushii

pyca po said...

join :D

ID blogger : pyca po

Anonymous said...


harap ade rezeki.amin

e-lyana said...

lyana join :)

harap dapat 2ND prizes, heeeeee :)
aminnnnnnnn, kalau ada rezeki, insyaALLAH :D

annshaira said...

saya join:)

Id blogger: annshaira
tapi follow gne name annyss shaira

fb: anis shaira

♥ miss eycha ♥ said...

echa join :)

mysarah mansor said...

Ain_ Suke Senyum said...

Salm ain join ye

ID Facebook : Apple Chantek .

tyhafyha said...

join =)
harap menanglah

INA_Noorlina said...

sy join :)


Nida said...


Saya turut serta.. moga-moga ada rezeki... ameeeeeennnn

id follower: Nida
id FB: Along Nida

terima kasih :)

INA_Noorlina said...

sy join jgk